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Our Board

Yolanda McGlinchey


Cassy Brezner

Board Chair

Maria Caudillo

Maria Caudillo


Jina Carvalho

Executive Director

Forrest Leichtberg


Andrea Hercules

Administrative Coordinator

Irene Robles

Member at large

Anthony Rodriguez


Father Bob Fox

Father Bob Fox

Homeless Outreach Coordinator

Our Advisory Board

Christopher Gandin Le Christopher’s area of expertise includes public health, suicide prevention, social media use during his tenure at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, he established protocol for online suicide prevention and partnerships with all of the major social networking websites. Mr. Le co-created the Lifeline Gallery, a powerful virtual space where suicide survivors, attempt survivors, and suicide prevention supporters share their stories

Robert Macy and Dr. Gil Reyes are founding members of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), they were primary developers of Psychological First Aid, (PFA). They have led numerous response and behavioral health recovery teams during national and international disasters.

Dr. Lisa Firestone/Glendon Association are leading national and international experts in the areas of suicide and violence. Their work has included research and training into the most effective treatment and prevention for suicide, violence, and disturbed family relations