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Our Impact

SBRN has been responding to critical incidents in our community since 2011.

SBRN has responded and continues to respond to hundreds of traumatic incidents in the community.

Responses include, but are not limited to:
  • School Suicides
  • Isla Vista Shooting
  • Clock Tower Suicide
  • Hon Family Murder
  • Thomas Fire
  • 1-9 Debris Flow
  • Holtzer family murder
  • Positano Shooting
  • Conception Dive Boat fire
  • Lovewater Surf School
  • On going support during COVID-19


SBRN offers training in psychological first aid and self care in English and spanish. Offering  individuals and agencies effective tools to be able to respond to trauma, and help individuals, get to ongoing mental health support. We have offered over 200 Psychological First Aid training sessions.Just In the last three years we have offered 40 trainings, reaching over 800 people in English and Spanish.

We have offered training to:

Santa Barbara unified school district, promatores, Doctors without Walls, the foodbank AmeriCorp, Housing Authority, Police Activity League , public health community clinics. among many others.

Since Covid, SBRN has offered free, weekly mental health resources in English and Spanish on facebook live with over 100 videos on various mental health topics accessible to the community on our YouTube channel.

Your donation to SBRN will help support these ongoing critical support services in our community.



SBRN volunteers have supported over 10,000 individuals and families,


SBRN has responded to over 75 traumatic incidents Offering assistance to over 300 individuals